Pupil Blog - Forces in Action

Weekly blog by Caden and Chloe S

This week we have being learning about forces in Science. In groups we carried out an investigation to find out how much force is needed to move a toy car on different surfaces.

Prediction: it will take more force to move on a rough surface


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Performance Poetry

Class 4 English lesson                           By Abigail and Isobel 

We have been reading Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael  Morpurgo. Today, in our English lesson,  we listened to some sounds of the sea in a storm. Whilst we listened to this,  we wrote down how  Michael,…

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Homework Heroes - Spring - Week 1

Homework heroes – Spring  - Week 1

I am always incredibly proud of the homework produced in Class 4. Every single week, without fail, I am impressed with the standard of work produced, as well as the creativity and detailed ideas!

This week it has been very difficult to select two ‘Homework…

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Leo's Diary

Leo the Lion!

Here in Class 3, we have an extra member of our class! Our class pet, Leo the Lion. 

Leo is lucky enough to go home with a member of Class 3 every weekend for an action packed adventure. The children take home his weekend dairy and write about all the wondeful things they got…

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Homework Hero

Homework Heroes - Week 1

I was blown away today by the effort and creative work put into this week’s homework pieces by all children! I would like to say a huge well done as I am extremely proud. It has been very hard to choose but our homework heroes for this week are: Liberty, Jessica and…

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Junior Jam


Class 3 were thrilled to welcome back Mr Freeman today, our Junior Jam teacher.

Today, our task was to produce an exciting, innovative, eye-catching advert using everyday classroom objects. We selected our objects and gave them a makeover – they received new magical powers,…

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Ancient Greek Murder Mystery

There's been a murder!

Today Class 3 have taken part in an Ancient Greek murder mystery challenge and worked together in groups as serious crime investigators in order to bring Agathon’s killer to justice. There were five main suspects of this murder:

  • Baltar – Agathon’s greatest rival in…
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Science - Forces and Magnets

Pushes and Pulls

Today we started our 'Forces and Magnets’ topic by talking about different types of forces. These included:

  • Pushing
  • Pulling
  • Twisting
  • Magnetic force
  • Gravity
  • Air resistance 
  • Upthrust
  • Spring force
  • Friction

We discussed examples of pulling and pushing and…

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Pupil Blog - Daedalus and Icarus

Weekly Blog by Chloe D and Tommy-Lee!

This week in English we have being learning about Greek Mythology and identified some key characteristics of Ancient Greek Myths. These include:

  • Magical powers
  • Gods and goddesses
  • Often having unhappy endings and even deaths
  • They were originally…
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Welcome back!

A very happy new year to you all - 2017 has arrived!

Welcome back.

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The Landlord's Cat

Class 2's Nativity 

This week, Class 2 performed their annual Nativity play. This year’s production was a variation of the traditional Nativity story, called The Landlord’s Cat.


The performance on Tuesday was a great success. I’m sure that all parents in attendance will agree that the…

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Reception Nativity

Class 1's Nativity

We were very proud of our Reception class last week who performed their Nativity to the school, and then to their families.

The whole class worked so hard to learn the songs, practise their lines and use musical instruments too. I'm sure you will all agree that the class…

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