Investigating Yeast

Investigating Yeast


As part of our topic on Classification, we have been looking at micro-organisms. Not only did we complete lots of research to find out as much as we could about micro-organisms, we also conducted an experiment with yeast.

Yeast is a micro-organism that is used in…

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Class 4 Autumn 1

Class 4 Autumn 1


Class 4 have been incredibly busy this half term and have worked their socks off in all learning.

As we couldn't hold our usual style of parents consultations this time round, we wanted to give you all a glimpse of some of our displays showing our fabulous learning in…

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Extreme Earth - Lesson 3

Extreme weather conditions across the world

How many types of extreme weather can you think of?

We researched each of the different extreme weathers;

  • Blizzard
  • Cyclone
  • Flood
  • Hail
  • Hurrican
  • Lightning
  • Tornado
  • Typhoon

and described what they are, what the effects/damage…

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Extreme Earth - Lesson 2


Today, we looked at the water cycle and the distribution of water around the world. 

Where does rain come from?

All the water in the world rises from the Earth’s surface and falls back to the ground in a continuous cycle which is driven by the sun’s energy. Water that falls back…

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Extreme Earth - Lesson 1

Geography - Extreme Earth

Today, we launched our new Geography topic: Extreme Earth. We began by thinking about these questions. 

  • How many different words can you think of to describe the weather and phenomena associated with the weather?
  • What is climate?
  • Where would you expect the…
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KS2 - History - Lesson 6

In what ways did the Titanic change history?


The disaster of the Titanic creates outcry from people for more to be done to protect people's lives at sea. Both British and American inquiries called for laws and regulations around safety at sea to be changed and over the next few years,…

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KS2 - History - Lesson 5

Who was on board the Titanic?

This afternoon we investigated the people on board the Titanic.

  • How could you find out if a person was aboard the Titanic?
  • What kind of sources could you use?
  • Can you remember some of the reasons why someone would have been travelling on the…
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KS2 - English - Lesson 6

Newspaper Report

Our news reporters have been busy typing up their reports, ready for print! 

Read the latest news below!! 

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KS2 - English - Lesson 4

Titanic Recount

Year 6 have been working incredibly hard in English over the past two weeks, writing a recount of the events that unfolded between 10th April 1912 and the 15th April 1912. They wrote their recounts in the role of a passenger - first, second or third class. Can you work out from…

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KS2 - English - Lesson 3


Today, we planned and wrote the concluding chapter of our recount. We aimed to use specific language and structural choices to change the pace and mood of the piece of writing. 

Making their escape

  • How do you plan on your character making their escape?
  • Will your character's…
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This afternoon, Year 6 created some beautiful Titanic art. We used watercolours and card to create an iconic silhouette of the Titanic sailing under the moon. Can you create a piece of Titanic art at home? We'd love to see them, so please do send us a picture! 

It is wonderful to see…

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Little Inventors

Draw or make something for lonely people

What ideas can you come up with for somebody who is lonely? 

This morning, we put our inventor hats on again to come up with some exciting and thoughtful ideas. 

We had;

  • a holographic t-shirt 
  • a baking delivery company
  • regular phone…
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