Maths Reasoning and Problem Solving

Class 2 loves problem-solving!

We are getting really good at giving clear explanations for our answers and giving reasons for our problem-solving solutions. We know how important it is to be able to explain how we came up with our answer. 

Today we…

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Comparing Habitats

In English we are reading the story 'Wild' by Emily Hughes. Today we were comparing the habitat of the forest and how animals are suited to live there, compared with Humans living in houses. 

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Minibeast Data Handling


Class 2 have been learning about data handling in science and have been sorting minibeasts onto a pictogram in order to record data. 

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Class Two's Quotes of the Week

After another amazing week in Class 2, here are some of our children's Quotes of the Week.


"We learnt to cross the road safely. I really enjoyed it.

James.D. Year 1.


"We played traffic lights in PE, the roundabout was my favourite."

Bethany. Year 1.


"I liked singing…

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Maths Manipulatives

Maths Manipulatives

In Class 2 we use lots of different maths manipulatives to help us with our maths learning. This week in our work on place value, we have been using numicon, ten frames, counters and base 10 equipment to help us investigate the value of different numbers.


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Road Safety Training

Road Safety Training


Class 2 spent part of this morning with the Leeds Schools Road Safety Team, learning how to cross the road safely with an adult. 






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Problem Solving

Problem Solving with Class 1


On Friday afternoon we joined Class 1 for part of the afternoon to work on some creative problem-solving challenges. We worked fabulously as a team and created some wonderful structures, even if we did get a little wet!

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Junior Jam

Garage Band

Class 2 spent their first Junior Jam lesson listening to different styles of music on the Garage Band app, in preparation for starting their own music compositions next week.  

Take a closer look at our photos in our photo gallery!

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Class 2 Art

Taking a Pencil for a Walk


Year 1 had a fantastic art lesson with Mrs Shaw today. They started learning about primary colours by taking a pencil for a walk around their piece of paper. Then colouring the shapes they made using only primary colours. 




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Class Two's Quotes of the Week.

We are at the end of our first week in Class Two, we have had a really busy but enjoyable week! 

Here are our first quotes of the week:


“I have loved today’s work. We had to write about our favourite book and then draw a picture. My favourite book is my baby book because I like looking…

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Our Learning This Week

We Love To Learn


So far this week in Class 2: We have written and illustrated our own holiday postcards. Looked at things which are living and not living and found ways to sort them into categories. We have practised counting and Year 1 have used numicon to help them.


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Performance Poetry


Class 2 have had a great morning today. We have been learning road safety poems and performing them to the rest of the class. 


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