Autumn One Class two

Link to channel 4 The Tiger Who Came to Tea - Tiger Who Came to Tea.

Year Two is reading The Tiger Who Came to Tea by the author Judith Kerr to inspire us with our writing over the next two weeks. The children will hot seat to ask the tiger questions, try to think…

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Online Safety

We were very lucky this week to have D:Side Dave visit us and talk to us about keeping ourselves safe online. We talked all about internet safety and what we can do to ensure that we protect ourselves. We now know not to give any personal information to anyone and to use a silly name instead of…

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Plants and Growing 


In Science we have been learning about different flowers and plants. We spent this afternoon looking at and labelling different flowers and sorting them into 'wild' flowers and 'garden' flowers. 





After sorting the flowers, we went on a…

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Ready Steady Grow

In class two we have started our new topic in science called 'Ready Steady Grow'. In our first lesson we looked closely at different fruits and vegetables using magnifying glasses to notice all the different textures, patterns and seeds we could see. We then sketched what we saw and spent some…

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Primary Diversity Day

Primary Diversity Day

In class 2, we started the day by looking at the Christian festival of Easter. We listened to Reverend Sue talking about the celebration of new life and then made our own Easter gardens.


We then looked at the Islamic festival of Eid. We learnt about Ramadan…

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Food through the Ages

Throughout our History topic, we have looked at home our experience of food has changed over the last 100 years, we have looked into changes in our tastes, in the availability of food, and how different factors have affected these! 

We can confirm, food experiences have…

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Part-Whole models

We have been worked very hard in maths, learning how to use and draw part-whole models!

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Class 1 & 2 - English

Next Year

Today we have been thinking about the next school year. We are really excited to start our new classes and year groups in September. We wrote about our hopes and dreams for the next school year. Here are some of our ideas that we wrote down:


“I want to learn to skip.”

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Class 1 & 2 - Science

Science Experiment

Today we did a science experiment relating to our topic “The Seaside”.


First, we put a fresh egg into a jug of water and we watched as the egg sank to the bottom of the jug.


Next, we added four tablespoons of salt to the water and discussed what would happen…

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Class 1 & 2 - Sports Day

Sports Day

Today, we took part in The Rainbow Games! Class 1 and 2 took on four challenges, which were called Twister, Star Challenge, Jump my Height and Mighty Memory. The tasks tested how far we could jump, how much we could remember and our balancing skills. We found the tasks both exciting…

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Class 2 - Home Learning

Home Learning

I always love receiving pictures of your home learning. Here are some of the pictures that I have been sent this week:

The children in class love to see all of your home learning pictures and videos. Please keep sending them to me and follow along with our learning using…

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Class 1 & 2 - Science


On Monday we did a science experiment, where we tested materials to see if they would float or sink. We wanted to test which material would be the best one to make a lifeboat with.

After our experiment, we made some lifeboats using lots of different types of materials. We tried hard…

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