The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Link to channel 4 The Tiger Who Came to Tea - Tiger Who Came to Tea.

Year Two is reading The Tiger Who Came to Tea by the author Judith Kerr to inspire us with our writing over the next two weeks. The children will hot seat to ask the tiger questions, try to think how the tiger, mum, or Sophie are feeling when sitting drinking tea, and eating sandwiches in the kitchen. 


Class Two has been looking at the story '" The Tiger Who Came to Tea" in English this week. Using our VIPERS, Year 2 have been able to predict what may happen in the story by looking at the front cover. We also wrote a shopping list for Sophie and her Mummy and used adjectives to describe the tiger.  

Year 1 created a story map to show the sequence of  "The Tiger Who Came to Tea". Year One used punctuation in our sentences to ask questions such as 'How did you feel when the tiger made all the mess?',