Next Year

Today we have been thinking about the next school year. We are really excited to start our new classes and year groups in September. We wrote about our hopes and dreams for the next school year. Here are some of our ideas that we wrote down:


“I want to learn to skip.”


“I am looking forward to English.”


“I hope to get quicker with my times tables.”


“I want to get better at handwriting.”

“I want to write lots of sentences.”

“I hope we do gymnastics.”

“I can’t wait to be in Year 2.”

“I hope we do some more phonics.”

“I hope we can write some more stories.”

“I would like to learn about space and animals.”

“I hope that we do lots of reading.”

“I would like to learn about flamingos, penguins and polar bears.”


What are your hopes and dreams for next year?