Claude Monet

After learning about the dangers of the sea and the RNLI, we looked at the works of Claude Monet and how he painted and represented the sea. We learnt all about his life and looked at his different pieces of artwork.

Monet was a French artist, who loved to paint landscapes and everyday scenes. He was an impressionist, which means that he did not want to paint realistic pictures but ‘impressions’ of what he could see.

We chose to do our own impressionist pieces of artwork of the sky and the sea. We used ‘cold’ colours to portray the sea and ‘warm’ colours to portray the sky. We used an A4 sheet of paper and folded it in half. We used our fingers to show the sky on the top half of the page and the sea on the bottom of the page. After doing this artwork, some children chose to do some other pictures of Monet’s paintings. We hope you like our work. J