After reading and learning some seaside poems yesterday, we decided to write our own poem today. We took inspiration from Celia Warren and her poem called ‘Seaside Fun’. She uses her senses to describe the things that she has seen, heard, tasted, smelt and felt at the seaside. Here are some of our seaside senses poems:


I can see the shiny, blue sea and some smooth shells

I can hear the sea splashing and the warm wind

I can smell the stinky seaweed

I can feel the smooth sand and the cold sea

I can taste yummy fish and chips.

By Ruby


I can see the slimy seaweed and the seagulls squawking

I can hear waves splashing

I can smell the sweet ice cream

I can feel the crumbly sand and some smooth shells

I can taste smooth, soft ice cream.

By Isaac


I can see a big, blue fish

I can hear some noisy crabs

I can smell the salty seaweed

I can feel the smooth sand

I can taste lots of yummy seafood.

By Ewan


Can you write your own seaside senses poem?

Send us a picture of your poem so that we can read it in class!