Today, we planned and wrote the concluding chapter of our recount. We aimed to use specific language and structural choices to change the pace and mood of the piece of writing. 

Making their escape

  • How do you plan on your character making their escape?
  • Will your character's gender, age or class affect their escape?

In our final chapter, our characters escape the Titanic and are rescued by the Carpathia. 

First, we re-capped what we knew about the Titanic sinking. 

After hitting the iceberg (1) at 11:40 pm, the Titanic sank completely at 2:20 am. First, the bow sank below the surface at an angle (2) as it filled with water before the ship broke in half (3). Then the stern section lifted up as it submerged at an almost perpendicular angle to the surface (4). 


The Carpathia, after hearing the Titanic’s distress calls, arrived at the scene at around 4 am and began to search for survivors. It took around four hours for the crew to find and rescue all of Titanic’s lifeboats.

Only two lifeboats were near enough or returned to the place where the Titanic sank to pick up more survivors. Many of the people aboard the lifeboats were frightened that if they returned, their boat would be overwhelmed by desperate people trying to climb aboard. The boats which did return managed to pick up around nine more survivors, three of whom died before being rescued by the Carpathia. Many of the people who were forced to jump into the water could only have survived 15 - 30 minutes in the -2°C water.



Use the planning grid above you to help you conclude your recount at home.