- Paul Jenkins

I was there kid

I was there

With my dungarees and my wavy hair

The time we saw it

Crystal clear

That time of change

That fateful year

When those we looked to came up short

When we needed answers

When help was sought


They were nowhere to be found...


So we looked again

Among our kind

And saw how we had been so blind

Those we’d worshipped

Chose to follow

Powerless in this new tomorrow

Slogans and a cheesy smile

Empty, hollow

All the while


But the real heroes, they couldn’t be beaten...


They still had costumes

Still had skills

They fought each day to cure our ills

But not so flashy

In the news

Just humble people who refused

To stand and watch as grip took hold

Their actions





And so we chose to follow them instead...


Keyworkers we called them

People we needed

Celebrities, leaders


By our neighbours

Families, friends

People with some time to lend

To help each other

Through the dark

That strength?

Well it became the spark


For the world you live in today...


So yes kid, yes

I saw it all

That history show

You watched at school

Which tells you of the dates and facts

And shows you clips and artefacts

Well, I lived through it

Saw the change

A whole world quickly rearranged

With those we needed

At the top

So make sure kid

That never stops.