States of Matter

Today we launched our 'States of Matter' topic in Science.  There are 3 states of matter we have been learning about:


Materials in a solid state keep their shape unless a force is applied to them.

Solids can be cut, squashed or twisted. They will not change shape on their own.

Solid materials always take up the same amount of space. They do not spread out or flow. Solids do not have to be hard. They can be squashy or soft.



Materials in a liquid state take the shape of the container they are in.

Although liquids can change shape, they do not change their volume. This means they still take up the same amount of space.

Liquids are pulled down to the bottom of a container by gravity.

Liquids can flow or be poured.



Materials in a gaseous state can spread out to completely fill the container or room they are in.

Gases have weight.

Gases can be squashed.

Gases do not keep their shape.


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